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Fast and Easy Question Paper Generation

Create question papers for your unit tests, monthly tests, full subject test fast and easily.

X, XI, XII Standards

Create Question papers, preview and downloaded as pdf files.

Unlimited Question Paper Creation

Create as many question papers as needed. There is no limit to number of question papers that can be created.

Manual Question Papers

Create question papers manually by selecting questions that can be viewed lesson-wise. Question papers can be created for a single lesson, multiple lessons or all lessons in a subject.

Custom Blueprint Question Papers

Create a blueprint (template) for your lesson-wise or multi-lesson question papers and generate randomized question paper based on your blueprint. Generate new question papers with the click of a button.

Past Question Papers

For your convenience, all public exam question papers from March 2012 can be viewed and downloaded right here on our website.

Shuffled Past Question Papers

Create new question papers from questions asked in past public exam question papers. Select any two or more question papers, or all past question papers to be used. Each time a completely random question paper will be generated.

Full Blueprint Question Papers

Full subject question papers that follow the official blueprint can be generated with a single click.

Special Question Papers

Ready to take Special Question Papers prepared by our Find Teacher Post Specialists

For Samacheer, CBSE, NEET

Generate various QPs for Samacheer, CBSE and NEET Exams


Subject Quiz, Competitive Exam Quiz & Special Quiz to get trained yourself.

Online Test

Participate in Online Quiz programs and Tests

Answer key

Answer key for MCQ questions in all question papers and mcq by lesson can be downloaded as pdf file.

Upcoming Features..

Subject wise Teachers allocation, Special Question papers created by our subject experts for improving the skill, proficiency of students..

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